Welcome to Chronicle Dreams

Our objective is to record what the world is thinking about in their sleep and learn what it can tell us about our collective consciousness.

At Chronicle Dreams you can keep a daily dream journal, track recurring themes, emotions, characters and other elements of your dreams. You can offer and receive dream interpretations from other visitors and spot trends in the dreams that everyone has submitted to the site.

We are constantly adding new features to the site, so check the announcements for new ways to explore your dreams and those of your friends.

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Link Characters to Friends!

Wed December 16, 2009

Chronicle Dreams has added a character linking feature that enables you to link your friends to a particular character. Now whenever you add this character to a dream, it will add an "appearance" t...


Facebook Share Added!

Mon December 14, 2009

Chronicle Dreams has enabled Facebook sharing for dreams listed on the Public Dreams page. Have a friend on Facebook that you'd like to share your dream with? Post your dream as "public" and share ...


Friending Added!

Sun December 13, 2009

Chronicle dreams has now added a "friending" feature to the site that will enable you to friend other visitors. In conjunction with this feature, a new category has been added to the privacy settin...


Blind Messaging Feature Added

Wed December 09, 2009

Chronicle Dreams has added a messaging feature on the public profile of each registered user so that visitors who wish to get in contact with one another can do so while keeping their email address...


Dream Themes and Emotions Reconfigured

Tue December 08, 2009

Chronicle Dreams has reconfigured the theme and emotion elements of dreams so that multiple themes and emotions can be associated with each dream. Similar to characters, themes and emotions can be ...
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