New and Improved Dream Entry

Thu March 18, 2010

We've done an overhaul of the dream entry page so that it is now easier to enter dreams, add themes, emotions and characters all at the same time. We're always trying to improve the site, so let us...


Frequently Asked Questions

Wed February 10, 2010

Chronicle Dreams has added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to assist visiters with navigating the site. You can find a link to Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of every page or on t...


Dream Character Analysis

Sat January 30, 2010

Chronicle Dreams has just completed a major overhaul of the way dream characters are handled. Where should we start? The coolest new feature that we've added is a Dream Character Analysis. Visit yo...


Dream Emotions Dictionary

Sat January 23, 2010

Chronicle Dreams has begun to enhance our analysis of dream emotions. We have now included an analysis of a dream's emotions in the "auto interpret" feature. We have also added a Dream Emotions Dic...


New Dream Dictionary Resource

Sun January 10, 2010

Chronicle Dreams has added a new "Resources" section to the site. The first resource we have added here is a dream dictionary where visitors can read about the meanings of different themes that hav...


Character Type Chart

Sat January 09, 2010

We've added another chart to the Dream Data page. Check in to see the distribution of character types as more dreams are added. Let us know if you have any ideas for new charts or graphs, or if you...


Theme Trends by Month

Sat January 02, 2010

Chronicle Dreams has added a new charting page where visitors can explore the how frequently certain themes are occuring each month. Is there a pattern to certain themes? Check out the new chart on...


New Feeds Added

Tue December 29, 2009

Chronicle Dreams has added feeds to the site. Now you can subscribe to the "Announcements" feed to stay on top of the latest enhancements and new features at Chronicle Dreams. You can also subsc...


Enhanced Dream Formatting

Fri December 25, 2009

Chronicle Dreams has added enhanced formatting features for dreams. Now, when you journal your dreams, you can easily format the text of your dream to include itallics, bullet points, underlined te...


Auto Interpretation Feature

Sun December 20, 2009

Chronicle Dreams has added an automatic dream interpretation feature to the site. In order to use this feature, a dream must have themes associated with it. To associate themes with a dream, naviga...

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