Chronicle Dreams is a project to collect information about what we are thinking about when we sleep. Individually, it enables us to reflect on what our subconscience is trying to tell us. Collectively, this project may reveal trends and insights into how our dreams might relate to each other.

By keeping a daily journal of dreams we can learn much more about what our subconscious mind is trying to tell us. Interpreting one dream at a time will give us a snapshot of our life, but looking at recurring themes and emotions will tell us more about who we are both individually and collectively.

The goal is to pull together as many dreams as possible from a broad range of people, while recording the details as accurately as possible. This will enable us to look at these dreams from an analytical perspective and spot connections and trends.

Most analysis of dreams to date has occurred on a micro level — that is, we only try to interpret the dreams about a single individual one at a time. What will we discover when we look at dreams at a macro level? What will they tell us about different groups of people or society as a whole?

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